This week’s assignment in the Classroom in a Book, Chapter2, baffled me at the outset but ended on a high note. Eureka!

First, no pix!

I got no images when working through Lesson 2, either when double-clicking on a file to open the about-start.html file in the Document window or when using F12 to get a preview in the browser. Instead I get all missing-image icons with a red X.

As an experiment, I selected a test-page.html listed in the directory after lesson11 and tried F12. I got a message that said “Testing the file transfer. The image should transfer as a dependent file.”

But it didn’t. I still got the missing image icon with a red X.

Then I tried clicking on the umbria.html file, which I created in Lesson1 but which is in the CAT274 folder outside the Lessons directory. It opened fine, images and all. The properties window below described a 250k image: images/sculpted-garden.jpg
That gave me a clue as to what I should be seeing in the about-start.html file. Opening it again,  I clicked on each empty-image icon to get the properties window. The Src window under the spot where Linda belonged showed

with two dots in front of the slant. But beside the Src window is a little folder icon. I clicked on it and  opened the images folder. When I saw

with no extra dots, I clicked on it and got her picture, and so on.

I think it all has to do with how I installed Dreamweaver, first to a DW CIB folder as instructed in the book’s preface, and later to a CAT274 as instructed in class. So Dreamweaver wasn’t sure where to look.

I also had challenges using the “fltlft” and “fltrt” options until I found you need to highlight those choices and then, in my Windows version anyway, right click and choose “apply” from a roll-down menu.

Big breakthrough: The distinctions between HTML and Cascading Style Sheets had been confusing me because I didn’t grasp the reasoning behind each. But, finally,on page 52 I learned: “A key concept of modern web design is the separation of presentation (CSS) from content (the HTML tags, text, and other page elements.)” Or, to put it another way, it’s the difference between substance and style.

Here are some links to tutorials on Dreamweaver: