In the fourth week of our web design course, assignments focused on creating web pages, working with text and images within them and linking them. In my classroom exercise, one photo I picked out from Getty Images looked particularly like a commercial, so that is how I used it — creating linked web pages touting Florida orange juice. For background and text colors I drew on what Jason Beaird describes in Chapter 2 of his book as the warm end of the spectrum. I also appreciated his explaining the seemingly arbitrary hexadecimal coding for colors.

Here is a link to the outcome, which is an example of image mapping, in which the user can click on a face to see a linked page:

Here is a link to the textbook exercise, which continues our effort to work on web pages promoting a travel agency that specializes in the Greek islands:

I used Fireworks instead of Photoshop as an image editor because I am having difficulty installing Photoshop on my home computer, which lacks a DVD drive. Adobe has a TechNote that provides a workaround using a flash drive, but the CS4 Install program balks at cooperating. Does anybody in the class have a portable DVD I could borrow overnight? I hate to make that investment for a one-shot use.

P.S. I want to thank Mark and Gigi-Mo for their advice about wrestling with Dreamweaver’s links. I think it has soaked in.