Triumph! This is the Final Project in my Web Design class at Anne Arundel Community College, fulfilling the assignment to design a professional-looking Web site on a subject of our choosing. Several of us took the opportunity to peddle various wares, such as cakes made by a spouse or quilts made by a daughter. One undertook to design a Website for a cancer fund sponsored by her family, and it was in my view the best.

Mine presents samples of my writing and photography. It won’t be accessible where it is for very long because my access to the school’s server lasts only until the end of this semester. If you have a comment about it, please let me know–particularly if you think it would be worthwhile for me to put this site up on the World Wide Web for real!

Essays, aka Op Eds

After I posted that Final Project on the Anne Arundel Community College Server, I finally received permission to link to the photograph by David Douglas Duncan that inspired me to write an essay about it. I have felt an obligation to write this piece for years but felt too humbled by the task. What forced me to finish was the deadline for my Final Project.

The photo is in the University of Texas archive of Duncan’s photography. I no longer have access to the Anne Arundel Community College server to update my project, so I have pasted the essay below, including the direct link to that inspirational photo. Click on the blue words “it shows.” You can zoom in on the photo once it opens.